The Loft Recording

Andy Patalan

Performs with: Sponge, Brownsville Station, Bob Guiney Band, Throttlebody, Solid Frog, Jason Waggoner. Recorded: Sponge, Fretblanket, Flickerstick, Broadzilla, The Fags, Hoarse, Solid Frog, Detroit Pony Express, Somthing Wild, Taproot, Ace Troubleshooter, Brenda Kahn, Mexico 70, King Snakes, South Normal, Bridge, Pistol Day Parade, Fat Amy, The Bob Guiney Band, Motor Dolls, The Nice Device, Lollypop Guild,Peter Searcy, Molly, Philo Bedow, Darling Down, Man Unkind, Dirty Harry, Speedball, Speed McQueen, The Blanck Theory, The Manscouts Of America, Basement, Widetrack, Garden Of Souls, Jaded Era, Saturnine Hello, Novada, The Bowery Kings,Kicking Water, Dirty Americans, Powerface, Shram, Spiral Crush, Twistin Tarantulas, Until Sunday, Youth Corpse, Slam Circus, Brazilian Girls, Cheap Trick, Storm Front, Calling Marvin, I Hate Mars, Sadoc, Burn, All Hail Me, Ass Kicker, Belligerent, Most Wanted, Lifeline Revolution, Lord Virgil, Shockwave, The Nines, Throttlebody, The Ranchers, Crud, 60 Second Crush, Polymer, October Babies, Project Paperclip, Orbitsuns, Dirty Americans, Brownsville Station, 19 Wheels, DT's, Jinx, Just Jill, Marshall Neely, Leeds, Lovedrug, The plot Thickens, Jetison Red, Konniption Fit, Bloodline Riot, Universal Temple Of Divine Power, Watershed, The Lessmores, The Unheard, Raffish, Slap Maggy, The Films, Thread, Embassy, The Warning, The Singles, The Smarties, Feisty Cadavers, The Visual, This Side Down, Busy Signal, Daryll, Casket Gasket, Placenta, The Dam Bandits, Crimson Hollow, Undergrind, Big Minute, Not Another Hero, Paper Plate, Red Dye 9, Jason Waggoner, Headlights Over Hills, Biastfear, Chinadoll, The Ghepetto Files, Drop Jaw, Fettish, Four Degrees, Feinds In Wonderland, Ghetto Puppets, Jerico Turnpike,VitalTones, Myriad, Propellor, Polymer, Paper Plate, Clayton Ring, Surfin Pluto, Stund, Sugar Intolerant, Simple Neptune, Wizetale, Absolut Zero, Gods Made Love, Section House, The Drags, Shot Of Adrenalin, Bonds That Tie, Interstate 69, Static Dial,The Avatars, The Vintage, Fair Game, Tension Splash, Chow Time, Invain,Carey Peirce, Lowit, Skeptic Tank,4A, She's So Huge, Caitlins Uncle, Elephant Ear, Busy Signal, God's Made Love, Marshall Williams, Redline, Maridian Deep, Sex Machine, Intern Dan, Death Vally Dragline, Grindline, Bullet Proof Moxie, Primortal, Casket Gasket, Jon Wax, The Reel, Krecent 4, Hollow Drive, The Smarties, Makeshift Hitmen, Son's Of The Gun, Sound OF Reign, The Singles, Clumsy, The Fury
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